Jelly Royals Dong Junior

5 star knock out!!!

The Jelly Royals Dong Junior is an amazing dildo (One of our favorites in the stash!) I know that it is simple that is perhaps one of the best parts!

When it first came in the mail it did have a strong rubbery scent and taste but this is true of nearly all Jelly toys. It still has a slight rubbery scent a couple years later but it isn’t nearly so strong now. The color is a really feminine and flirty hot pink that I adore! It doesn’t have the everyday hum-drum beige color that a lot of dildos have in their quest to be as realistic as possible.

It is a wide dildo, 6 inches in circumference and a pleasant but not too large 6 inches long. The shaft has a really great veined texture. The head of the dildo is a really nice size and has a deep indentation around it which makes it really ideal for rubbing the g-spot just right! I really enjoy the textured balls as well! They stimulate your clit very well in those long pounding sessions when the suction cup comes in very handy! I like to stick the suction cup to my head board and back up to it doggie style. The silky firm jelly dong slides right in with just a few drops of lube and a little guidance. Because it is made of jelly keep in mind that you should only use silicone and water based lubes with this product!

The suction cup stays in place very well, especially in the shower. I have had it slip off a few times in extreme thrusting! Big smile I really adore the simplicity and ease of this product which is why it gets used so often. I have had it for two years now and it has yet to tear or have any malfunctions whatsoever. So this an intensely good value for $20!!!

My fiancee really enjoys using it on me on especially steamy nights. He likes that it looks realistic in shape and that it makes me moan really loudly when he is thrusting it against my g-spot! I truly can’t get enough of this toy! Another great thing about this dildo is that it can be used in ring style harnesses. My fiancee has used it for double penetration as well. He inserts it into my bottom (I wouldn’t suggest this toy anally for beginners) and then as he thrust into my vagina it also thrusts the dildo in! EXTREMELY PLEASURABLE! Make sure to use a condom on it if you intend to use it for these purposes as it isn’t able to be sanitized in boiling water and it is very porous! Although it can’t be sanitized you should always give it a good cleaning under warm running water with a sex toy cleaner like Climax Bursts. Cleaning it is a breeze and then it is happily just waiting for you to use it again!

Excellent value and a great addition to anyone’s toy box!


Bright Color!
Suction Cup
Easy Clean-Up


Can’t be sterilized
Rubbery Taste & Smell

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