Cyberskin Transformer Penis Extension

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An A for effort?

My husband bought the Cyberskin transformer penis extension for us to try. He is not insecure about his size and I am definitely not dissatisfied. He told me that he just wanted to give me something a little different… he succeeded!

It doesn’t have an odd smell or taste. This surprised me as most cyberskin products I have dealt with have a distinct rubbery scent. The head of the extender has a very realistic feel when you squeeze it in your hand; this is what cyberskin is known for! Being cyberskin it is a very porous material and it can not be sanitized. If you are going to share it you should definitely use a condom. It requires special maintenance to keep it fresh and clean. After you clean it with a product like before and after you should let it thoroughly dry and then sprinkle it with cornstarch to keep its smooth and realistic texture.

It wasn’t difficult to put on… The best way is to roll it up onto itself so that you can get the base of the extender close to the head of his penis. If you don’t get it close then the extension will bobble around. Once it is rolled down to the base you can measure and cut the material to fit your man perfectly. The look of this product when it is worn is a little odd… it does look like a prosthetic penis coming from your man. After I had my laugh though I was very anxious to try it out. It does add an extra 1.5 inches in length and almost an inch in circumference!

The main complaint that I have seen for this product is that the head is too small. This is true and so I went looking and researching and discovered that there is an extra thick version which has a much larger head. I invested in this one to see the difference and I personally think that it is too large! It always makes an odd popping sound when it is pulled out. It always makes us laugh. Amazingly we haven’t had any problems with it slipping off or out of place. When using cyberskin transformer extension I always find it odd because you can feel the difference between the extended portion and your man. The sleeve is also too soft and doesn’t provide enough rigidity to be super pleasurable. And another vast improvement would be to add some texture or veining to its ultra smooth sleeve. It is a fun and different experience though even if I can’t say that it will provide mind blowing orgasms!

I was worried that my fiancee wouldn’t enjoy it or feel a thing but luckily he can still feel it enough to keep it hard and even to cum after a good length of time. He enjoys seeing me squirm and moan and that helps too!

It isn’t my favorite product but it does add a little spice to role play or just a different sensation for those off beat nights. I find this toy much better suited to slide over a basic vibrator than your man! The thick material will soften the vibrations so I suggest using it with the highest setting. I also found that if you are looking for extra rigidity with this toy that if you slide it over a glass dildo it works very well. That is my favorite way to use it.

So, overall, I think that the cyberskin transformer is a very interesting and versatile toy. It is inexpensive and so it is a worth while investment to add a little variety.


Adds 1.5″ in length. Add almost 1″ Circumference. Easy to Wear.


High Maintenance. Not enough rigidity or texture. Lack of sensation for wearer.

Just a little fantasy…

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I lay there on my stomach head on my hands staring at the window, frustrated and angry, on his disheveled bed. I pulled my short brown hair up into a ponytail, it was piecey and falling down, still too short to really stay out of my eyes.  I hated my haircut… I bit my nails and thought of how I should get it cut again.  Mark says he likes it short, but maybe I should grow it out again. Random thoughts pop in and out of my head… It has been four days since I had an orgasm. I wish I could get this song out of my head… and other useless thoughts.  Mark was, once again, smoking… just as he was fifteen minutes ago. I still can not figure out what kind of animal magnetism has brought me to fall so head over heels for him… He smokes, he drinks, he doesn’t dance, he lusts after other women and his sex drive is not nearly as high as mine. But when he pleases me, he satisfies me like no other man ever has. He is amazing… A sex god, if ever there was one.  I would have him twice or more daily if only he would allow it.  It’s like being on punishment when I did nothing wrong.  He knows it kills me to lie next to his gorgeous body, to feel him, every inch of his body pressed against mine, as he drifts off to sleep.  He doesn’t think twice about the fact that I want to please him, to bring him to the edge, to taste him as he cums…or that I am dieing to feel his soft tongue slide down into my moist pussy, aching to be touched, to be pleased by his nimble and ever so talented fingers.  If he would only let me I would love to show him all of the things that I could do to make him feel like the sexy and amazing man that he is.  He always seems to be tired; he would see, however, that if he would just take me, he would sleep better than just drifting off to sleep with me, a ball of tension and frustration at his side. 


I have never in my life masturbated so much… I have never been so amazingly frisky at every waking moment.  I see him and I feel the heat building up between my legs and when he touches me, wetness floods my pussy, drenching my panties with my desires.  His sexy little half-smile all but pulls me over the orgasmic border.  Three nights now, I have lain next to him while he sleeps and slid my, exceptionally less capable hands down my soft pale stomach to the curse ridden, sex addicted wetness that is my clit.  I almost have it down to an art.  I start by moving in extra small circles around my clit with my forefinger…softly and oh so slowly. As I become more sensitive to the touch, more wet with the anticipation of cumming, I need a more direct approach.  I use my other hand to spread apart my swelling lips and I rub faster, up and down my engorged clit… I look at his peaceful dreaming face, having him as eye candy helps the exasperating process along. I feel my body start to tighten… I am getting closer.  I rub faster, my hand getting tired… I can’t stop… I am so close.  I bite my lip to keep from waking him with my frustrated moaning.  And finally I orgasm, a small wake rushes through my body and I can finally, at least sleep. At least this is how it has gone the past three nights.   Of course, I will only sleep, to dream of his hard, throbbing cock pushing its way into my wet pussy, doggie style… moving in and out, harder and harder.  He smacks my ass and pulls my head back by my hair and bites my neck as he whispers into my ear, “I love fucking you, the way your tight little pussy feels around my hard cock.” He fucks me with reckless abandon until I am so close that I am ready to fall flat on my stomach… he pulls out and throws me onto my back as he puts his big hot dick into my mouth and he licks my sweet juices from my dripping wet slit. “Oh, Mark!”   I take him into my mouth licking up and down his shaft as I move my head up and down to the rhythm of my favorite song… Not stopping until I could feel his muscles tense and the explosion of hot wet stickiness in my mouth… sucking harder, swallowing every last drop of his sticky sweet cum.  Mmmm… Yes, that is a dream worth having.


But alas, I am here alone in bed while he inhales another stick of cancer.  Should I?  Should I pleasure myself for the fourth night in a row… tonight, when he lays down next to me and falls asleep with his dick pushed into the small of my back… getting harder as we have our nightly snuggle and grind session.  As my mind is over wrought with these questions, Mark walks in and he sneaks up on me, running his hands up my smooth legs from ankle to thigh, grabbing my ass and squeezing it in his strong hands.  I turn over to look into his deep green eyes.  I pull him down to me and kiss him softly on his lips.  I debate in my mind whether I should grab his cock and just try to take him or if I should just pretend that I am not horny and lay back with him as usual.  I pull him down until his weight is solidly resting on my body.  I love the weight of him pushing on me, the way that he feels.  I wish that there were no clothes blocking our skin from caressing each other.    I kiss his neck and run my nails lightly down his back, ever so sweetly tell him I love him.  He isn’t much for subtlety and so it is now or never…  He flips over and leans back to watch television.  It seems that another night will be spent pleasuring myself in the wee hours of the morning.   He pulls me into him and we are exactly as we have been the last three nights… spooning, watching whatever senseless television show happens to be on at the time.  I can not bare the thought of another self-“fulfilled” evening. 


 I try to close my eyes to doze off but it is so difficult.  Next thing I realize, I must have fallen asleep, but I am waking up to the most amazing feeling.  I must be dreaming.  I look down and realize, Mark is awake, not only awake but he is in between my legs… licking every centimeter of my deprived little pussy.  I moan in pleasure, and he lifts his head up to look at me, ravenous with lust, thankful that I am awake. He begins to kiss up my stomach, gently nibbling as he works his way to my supple breasts.  He takes one of my tits into his mouth, groping the other in his hand as he uses his thumb to caress my nipple.  I am quickly aroused, intoxicated by the spontaneity and surrealness of the moment.  I place my hands on his shoulders and push him back down, in a way that is just begging him to please me.  He slowly flicks his tongue against my swollen clit.  I can’t bear to be silent, I moan in ecstasy as he fucks my pussy with his tongue.  He grabs my hips tight with his strong hands to keep me from wriggling away.  I can barely stay still it feels so good. Still holding me with one arm he slips two of his fingers deep into my cunt and starts to finger me, my juices filling his hand as he licks my clit simultaneously.  My muscles start to contract and I let out an ecstatic moan of pleasure.  He gently licks the sweet juices of my orgasm from my slit… “mmm… I love the way you taste.”  He whispers seductively as he kisses his way up to me.   I can feel it in my toes, and I don’t want to move because I had been craving him for days. 


He kisses me and I can taste my juices on his lips… I bite into his shoulder and I softly kiss up and down his neck whispering into his ear.   “I want you to fuck me; I want to feel your huge cock inside my pussy.”  Just as the words have escaped my lips he pushes his throbbing dick deep into my wet cunt.  He grabs a slender ankle in each hand and begins to thrust harder using my wide spread legs as leverage to push deeper into me.  “Oh, Mark, you feel so good, fuck me.”  I moan with wild elation.  I can feel my juices running down the crack of my ass.  I slide my hand over my nipples, grasping my breasts and then moving one hand down to pleasure myself as he fucks me in steady rhythm.  My breathing gets heavier and my moans heighten in pitch, closer and closer together.  “Are you going to cum, baby?”  He asks anxiously with a sly smile on his face and he reaches up to gently caress my breasts.  I can barely speak but I manage to nod my head.  All of the sudden I feel it, “Don’t stop” I scream out and I move my fingers faster on my clit.   The best, most bewitching orgasm wracks through my body and makes me shutter and my body flush pink.  He pulls his still hard throbbing cock out of my pussy, moving his well-built hands up and down his shaft.  He smiles at me, a wicked little smile and rolls me over on the bed to my stomach. He pulls my ass up so he can penetrate me while standing and he shoves his pulsating dick into my soaking wet slit… I am still sensitive and so I moan loudly as he starts to thrust faster.  The head of his cock rubs perfectly on my G-spot and I am taken aback by how quickly I can feel another orgasm coming.   He raises his hand and brings it down hard on my ass.  He spanks me until he can see the pink hand prints on my cheeks and I am screaming his name, blissfully.  He grabs my shoulders so that he can move in and out faster, faster.   The way that it feels when he slides in and out of me is amazing… I can feel his cock start to pulsate faster, he is going to cum.  I want to taste him and so I pull forward turning to take him into my mouth.  He is so hard that I can barely fit all of him into my mouth.  I move my head back and forth and he grabs my hair guiding my lips onto his shaft.  He moans loudly as he cums  into my mouth.  I love the way he tastes.  “Mmm…”  He tastes so good.  I pull him down on top of me and he falls asleep on my chest.  I fall asleep too with sensations of pleasure still racing through my skin.  

Bend Over Beginner Harness Kit

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Bend Over, Baby!

The bend over for beginners kit is a simply perfect toy for first timers, “beginners” and people that prefer smaller toys for anal penetration. I had a very difficult time coming up with any con’s for this harness. My fiance and I really love using this product.

The two dildos are made of soft, smooth silicone. The only down side to this is that they attract dust, dirt and everything else (my only negative), this isn’t a problem though because they are easily cleaned. Because they are made of silicone they hold heat very well and this adds a lot to the pleasure. You can soak it in hot water to bring up to a nice warm temperature! Silicone is non-porous and can be boiled for sanitation or even thrown into the dishwasher! The only down side to silicone is that you can only use water based lubricants with it. I prefer water based lubricants and so this hasn’t proven to be an issue for us. When trying it on my fiancee for the first time we used the smaller dildo, which is only 4.5 inches long and very thin and it didn’t disappoint they are angled slightly and so they hit just the right spot without overwhelming him.

The kit came with two interchangeable rubber rings, these are easily replaced if they get lost or broken. We have yet to have any issues with the dildos slipping out of the rings. We have also been able to use some of our other larger dildos with this harness with no issues.

The harness is very well made and it is easily adjustable. I am very tiny and so we cut the straps to the right length so they weren’t hanging to the floor. It is very comfortable and looks extremely feminine and sexy. The purple velvet is very attractive. We have also used it without the purple cushioning for a more raw and rough look and feel. This can also allow him to wear it with some slight adjustment of the straps! My fiancee loves when I wear it and loves the lift it gives to my bottom! The velvet and straps are very soft on your skin and don’t chaff or cause irritation even with prolonged thrusting.

There is pocket in the velvet for a mini-micro vibe. The mini sends light vibrations through the entire shaft of the dildo and they also provide pleasant stimulation for the wearer. If you push it down into the pocket further you get closer contact and better stimulation. It doesn’t bother me that their isn’t heavy vibration because this toy isn’t about that.

This toy overall is a really great purchase that I would recommend to everyone!


Easily insertable, Easily Cleaned, Vibe Pocket, Comfortable, Attractive


Material attracts everything (dust, dirt, hair…)

Rotating Venus Penis Strap On Vibrator

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Thrilling, Chilling and … Rotating!?!

I bought the Rotating Venus Penis trying to keep my expectations low. I hate to be disappointed! I was very excited when the box came in the mail. When I first opened it I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t a huge bulky contraption. It is a pretty pink little butterfly that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. I have children and so I had to put it away and wait for them to go to sleep before I was able to actually try it out. The anticipation was building rapidly as I waited for my clock to blink 8 P.M. By the time I was finally able to use it I was more than ready.

The straps were very easy to adjust and wear. I am a very small girl, only 5′ 3″ and 100lbs and they were able to adjust down to my size quite nicely. It is attractive, very comfortable and easy to insert. In my case; no lube necessary! I was thrilled just laying there feeling it inside me. It has a great veined texture that feels divine. It is made of supple non-porous crystalessence material that is derived from PVC making it fairly flexible and super easy to clean. Being that it is non-porous it can be used with a wide variety of lubes, oil, water or silicone based. I prefer to use water based lubricants with all of my toys. Another pleasant feature is that it doesn’t have a strong rubbery smell like some toys do.

The hand held controller is very simple and has 5 vibration and 5 rotation speed settings each indicated with a red LED light. The wire is very well placed so that it doesn’t get in the way. My fiancee really enjoys holding the remote and controlling the sensations that the rotating penis and vibe send shooting through my body. I really appreciate this toys simplicity. When I am close to climax I don’t want anything overly complicated messing it up. The sound of the motor is not discreet but it isn’t so loud that it is distracting either and so it doesn’t bother me at all. One of the very few negatives to this toy is that the clitoral and anal stimulator aren’t positioned exactly right so I have to amp it up to the highest vibration setting to ensure that I get stimulation no matter where the nubs are. I found that if you lay on your stomach when you use it, it’s easier to keep everything in place and right where you want it to be to bring you that ultimate satisfaction. The wings of the butterfly also help to hold your lips up and out of the way! I think that the rotation is sinfully good at any speed. Each time I use this toy I cum very quickly and intensely. The motor will get very hot after prolonged usage and so I don’t suggest using it for hours on end. Trust me, I tried this!

When I was done and feeling over-stimulated from using this toy to bring myself to an intense three orgasms, the clean up was super easy. It is able to be cleaned with any toy cleanser and even rinsed under water.

Overall I would say this toy is a good buy!


Hands free, Comfortable,Attractive, Easily cleanable, Simple


Not quiet, Stimulators not perfectly positioned, Motor gets hot after prolonged usage

Blue Heaven Dual Action Vibrator

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Blue Heaven… Not so Angelic!

I have purchased two other rabbits prior to this one. My first, I am afraid to say, can not be beaten! While it has sadly deceased, its memory lives on in hopeful search of its equal. I bought this one in hopes that it would come close to bringing me the earth-quaking orgasms that my first had. In comparison, it was disappointing but stand alone it wasn’t a complete loss.

It is a very attractive electric blue color and an eye catching 10 1/4 inches in length; half of which is insertable! It has that unusual rubbery smell when you first open it but it seems to wear away over time. I held it in my hands and ran my fingers down it and the feel of the Jel-Lee material is supple and smooth. It doesn’t feel real like a cyberskin but it does the job! Jel-Lee material is porous and is easily cleanable but can not be boiled to sanitize… so keep this one to yourself or use a condom if it suits you. I prefer things bare back… never been a fan of condoms… then again that is why I have children! = ) You can use silicone or water based lubricants, this big boy slides in rather easily with just a few drops though.

I was hoping that by the look of its long ears it would tickle just the right spot but the angle of the rabbit is all wrong and I have to hold the bunny down so that it hits my clit at all. I have found that this is a rather common issue with dual action vibrators. The vibrations are moderately strong, so once I have the ears properly adjusted it is very stimulating!

The four rows of beads rotate around, not in conjunction with the vibrations, and when it is fully inserted it is very pleasant around the opening of the vagina. They don’t hit my g-spot just right but that doesn’t take away from the pleasurable sensations that they send up my spine! On the highest setting the rotation can be over-stimulating because the Jel-lee material is not very thick over the beads.

The settings are located on a control panel that is below the shaft. The controls are very simple and easy to use. I wish that this toy had more control over the functions and speed though. The motor is also very loud and not discreet in the slightest which can be a negative when you have kids in the next room sleeping.

Overall, due to the loud motor and the fact that I have to hold the ears in place it hasn’t been able to give me an orgasm but it is definitely fun for foreplay. Another unfortunate thing about this toy for me is that after having it for about 6 months the shaft broke off where it is attached to the control panel. This was under normal wear and tear, using it maybe once a week, if that! The wires didn’t break and so I was able to use some silicone adhesive and glue it back together. Now, the vibration works or the beads rotate but never both. = (


Attractive, Strong Vibration, Simple Controls, Insertable length


Jel-Lee material (can’t sanitize), Rabbit not positioned well, Not Sturdy

Jelly Royals Dong Junior

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5 star knock out!!!

The Jelly Royals Dong Junior is an amazing dildo (One of our favorites in the stash!) I know that it is simple that is perhaps one of the best parts!

When it first came in the mail it did have a strong rubbery scent and taste but this is true of nearly all Jelly toys. It still has a slight rubbery scent a couple years later but it isn’t nearly so strong now. The color is a really feminine and flirty hot pink that I adore! It doesn’t have the everyday hum-drum beige color that a lot of dildos have in their quest to be as realistic as possible.

It is a wide dildo, 6 inches in circumference and a pleasant but not too large 6 inches long. The shaft has a really great veined texture. The head of the dildo is a really nice size and has a deep indentation around it which makes it really ideal for rubbing the g-spot just right! I really enjoy the textured balls as well! They stimulate your clit very well in those long pounding sessions when the suction cup comes in very handy! I like to stick the suction cup to my head board and back up to it doggie style. The silky firm jelly dong slides right in with just a few drops of lube and a little guidance. Because it is made of jelly keep in mind that you should only use silicone and water based lubes with this product!

The suction cup stays in place very well, especially in the shower. I have had it slip off a few times in extreme thrusting! Big smile I really adore the simplicity and ease of this product which is why it gets used so often. I have had it for two years now and it has yet to tear or have any malfunctions whatsoever. So this an intensely good value for $20!!!

My fiancee really enjoys using it on me on especially steamy nights. He likes that it looks realistic in shape and that it makes me moan really loudly when he is thrusting it against my g-spot! I truly can’t get enough of this toy! Another great thing about this dildo is that it can be used in ring style harnesses. My fiancee has used it for double penetration as well. He inserts it into my bottom (I wouldn’t suggest this toy anally for beginners) and then as he thrust into my vagina it also thrusts the dildo in! EXTREMELY PLEASURABLE! Make sure to use a condom on it if you intend to use it for these purposes as it isn’t able to be sanitized in boiling water and it is very porous! Although it can’t be sanitized you should always give it a good cleaning under warm running water with a sex toy cleaner like Climax Bursts. Cleaning it is a breeze and then it is happily just waiting for you to use it again!

Excellent value and a great addition to anyone’s toy box!


Bright Color!
Suction Cup
Easy Clean-Up


Can’t be sterilized
Rubbery Taste & Smell

Mistress M!

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My name is Mistress M and I am an insatiable sex-oholic!  I adore sex and the human body, both male and female  in every facet.  I love pleasuring myself and others and wish to devote my life to that practice.  I am in a very satisfying relationship with my man-servant of 2 years!  We are a very adventurous and lively couple.  We have a very chaotic life, as we have three children but it all works out very well! 

This blog is so that I can share my thoughts and insights about sex, sex toys, human nature and whatever else I feel the need to babble about.